with Bob Pisani, CNBC “On-Air Stocks” Editor, Expert on Real Estate


Veteran Wall Street reporter, Bob Pisani, speaks with Steve about how global Central Banks are following America’s lead and using stimulus to grow their stagnant economies. He talks at length about Japan and China and the fundamentally different problems they face.

Bob explains Japan’s stimulus plan to get out of 20 years of economic stagnation, and how this will impact asset prices in Japan and the rest of the world. He explains the highly-profitable Yen Carry Trade but warns that certain reversals could really hurt profits.

He also talks of China’s recently announced stimulus plan, the problem China is attempting to solve, and how a failure in China could have wide-reaching repercussions in China and abroad.

Finally, he talks of Europe’s structural woes and why interest rate cuts and Central Bank stimulus cannot, on their own, create economic growth.