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Don’t Retire… Re-Wire!

Jeri Sedlar

With Jeri Sedlar, Motivational Speaker, Co-Author – Don’t Retire, REWIRE!

Most people see retirement as the end of their career-oriented life… a time to disconnect from what they’ve been doing for most of their working lives… but Jeri wants people not think of retirement as the end but a time to rewire and channel your energies into new and different endeavors – be it more family time, more volunteering or perhaps a time to start something new. So change retirement from trepidation to excitement – a time for great new things!

For example, Sherry Lansing, the former Chair person of Paramount Pictures ended her 40-year career in Hollywood and redirected her attention to cancer research of all things and started the a foundation that funds cancer and stem-cell research – and it made her feel young and curious all over again. So consider Jeri’s concept and view retirement as a time to rewire and do things that give you happiness and satisfaction, and ideally help society along the way!


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