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Couples and Money – The Secrets You’re Keeping, The Steps You Should be Taking, The Plans You Should be Making

Donna Rosato

with Donna Rosato, Senior Writer at TIME MONEY on Career Strategies, Retirement Planning

With women entering the workforce and often earning as much or more than their husbands, the family dynamic has changed considerably. For its new Couples and Money feature, TIME MONEY surveyed 1,000 married adults to gauge how household dynamics changed based on who brought in the bacon. Turns out, money has a profound impact on couples’ dynamics and, generally speaking, men are happier when their wives also bring-in a paycheck because this alleviates the stress of being sole bread-winner. Money dynamics also impact bill payments, financial planning and investments.

And while money is a leading cause of marital discord, there are simple steps couples can take to work as a team towards securing their financial future, collaboratively, irrespective of who brings in a bigger paycheck.

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