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Choosing The Right Adviser To Invest Your Money

Mark Ciucci, invest your money

With Mark Ciucci, Senior Vice President of Advice at United Capital Financial Life Management™

As a senior executive at United Capital, Mark guides us through the process of navigating the investment world in order to get the right adviser to invest your money. While the investment professionals have historically concentrated on the selling of financial products, today’s true professional focuses on matching the proper investment strategies to your individual life goals.

The right investment professional should work with you to understand your priorities, and your near term and long term goals – so it’s important to interview investment advisers to make sure you get someone who’s clearly on your side. If someone begins recommending a product before discussing your life’s goals, Mark says run away as quickly as possible and find someone who can invest your money soundly.

Advisers also need to manage the amount of risk their clients can truly bear.  He says risk is something most advisers get wrong – so you need an adviser who isn’t out to please you but to truly determine what level of risk is appropriate for you and invest your money accordingly. He doesn’t want advisers to get caught up in simplicities like the so-called “4% rule” but set up a personalized investment plan that truly works for you.

I've been an investment strategist and adviser for over 35 years, leading with a mission of unbiased advice to educate and protect listeners on my weekly radio show on NPR affiliates nationwide. I have been named a “Top 100 Wealth Advisor” by Worth Magazine and “Top Advisor” by Reuters.