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Apprenticeships – The Cheaper, Better Way to Match Your Passions with Your Career


with Nicholas Wyman, CEO, WPC Group Limited, an Australian Apprenticeship Employment company, Expert in Youth Employment, Author Job U: How to Find Wealth and Success by Developing the Skills Companies Actually Need


America has 5.8 million young people who aren’t going to school, not working, and already dispirited on the career front. Unemployment for youth, ages 16 – 24 years, is twice the national unemployment rate. And Nicholas Wyman is on a mission to change that. He skipped college after school and went on to an apprenticeship position, then found his calling and ended up getting an MBA at the Harvard Business School.

In his book, Job U, Nicholas addresses the gap between jobs and employability… where people simply do not have the skills needed to fill open positions. His advice – first and foremost, follow your passion… and if college is not for you, do an apprenticeship in an industry that you find agreeable, and get the skills employers are looking for. He offers suggestions on how youth can go on to have marvelous careers without spending a boatload on a college education that they aren’t really passionate about. He’ll also tell you what forward thinking companies like Google, one of America’s top employers, look for when they hire people without college degrees, how to find apprenticeship programs and what the growth industries are.

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