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7 Reasons Why the Market Went Nuts

Jeff Cox

With Jeff Cox, Finance Editor – CNBC

Jeff Cox is the finance editor for CNBC.com where he manages coverage of the financial markets and Wall Street. His stories are among the most-read items on the site each day as he interviews some of the smartest and most well-respected analysts and advisors in the financial world. He also is a frequent guest on CNBC.

Over the course of a journalism buying hydrocodone online from canada career that began in 1987, Cox has covered everything from the collapse of the financial system to presidential politics to local government battles in his native Pennsylvania.

In a recent article, Jeff lays out seven reasons why the stock market went “totally nuts” in August 2015. He ties them to price discovery, the Fed, China, late-day sell orders, computer-driven trading, technical breakdowns and China again!

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