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    55 Going Public: My Adventures Inside The SEC And How To Prevent The Next Devastating Crisis

    In 2008, Americans were reeling from the devastating financial crisis that caused the Great Recession. There were searing questions about how the crisis was allowed to happen and calls for immediate reform from Capital Hill, the news media, and the general public. Multiple scandals sent real fear through the investing community and brought unprecedented heat on the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). There was little doubt that the SEC had to fix rules that permitted bad behavior, shake off decades of complacency and enforce existing laws.

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    5. Going Public: My Adventures Inside The SEC And How To Preve...

    44 Confessions Of A Recovering Car Dealer

    100% of the proceeds are donated to charity. Other car dealers hate him for his honesty, but you’ll love Earl Stewart for revealing to you all the secrets of the automotive sales and service business. Read this book and you will never again have to worry about getting ripped off when buying or servicing your car. Earl Stewart pulls back the curtain and reveals all of the dirty tricks of how many car dealers rip off their customers.

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    4. Confessions Of A Recovering Car Dealer

    33 Upside: Profiting From The Profound Demographic Shifts Ahead

    Upside puts this powerful yet little-understood science to work finding answers. Demographer Kenneth Gronbach synthesizes reams of data to show how generations impact markets and economies, and how to target promising trends.Lively and full of surprises, the book explains:What each age cohort is likely to buy now and in coming decades – How profits dovetail with consumer numbers – What sectors are likely to grow or lag – How to make sense of the numbers to chart your own path – And moreAs waves of people are born and age, fortunes and futures are determined. Whether you’re an investor, marketer executive, or entrepreneur, Upside helps you spot the potential for profits in ever-shifting demographics.

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    3. Upside: Profiting From The Profound Demographic Shifts Ahea...

    22 In The Name Of Gucci: A Memoir

    In the Name of Gucci charts the untold love story of Patricia’s parents, relying on the author’s own memories, a collection of love letters and interviews with her mother, as well as an archive of previously unseen photos. She interweaves her parents’ tempestuous narrative with that of her own relationship with her father—from an isolated little girl who lived in the shadows for the best part of a decade through her rise as Gucci’s spokesperson and Aldo’s youngest protégé, to the moment when Aldo’s three sons were shunned after betraying him in a notorious coup and Patricia—once considered a guilty secret—was made his sole universal heir. It is an epic tale of love and loss, treason and loyalty, sweeping across Italy, England and America during the most tumultuous period of Gucci’s sixty years as a family business.

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    2. In The Name Of Gucci: A Memoir

    11 The Memo


    Building on his personal experience of rising up from economically disadvantaged circumstances and his work with Operation HOPE, Bryant teaches readers five rules that lay the foundation for achieving financial freedom.

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    1. The Memo
    I've been an investment strategist and adviser for over 35 years, leading with a mission of unbiased advice to educate and protect listeners on my weekly radio show on NPR affiliates nationwide. I have been named a “Top 100 Wealth Advisor” by Worth Magazine and “Top Advisor” by Reuters.