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Episode 914

The Steve Pomeranz Show, Full Show

Steve’s Market Commentary

Warning! New Social Security Changes May Be Coming Your Way

Making Retirement The Best Years Of Your Life

With Robert Laura, Financial Planner, Author of Naked Retirement: Living A Happy, Healthy, & Connected Retirement


Don’t Just Retire… Rewire!

With Jeri Sedlar, Motivational Speaker, Co-Author of Don’t Retire, REWIRE!

Surprise! Maybe Your Credit Score Isn’t As Important As You Think

With Terry Story, a 30-year veteran with Keller Williams located in Boca Raton, FL

The Subtle Art Of Manipulation: Mad Men Style

With Josh Weltman, Co-producer of Mad Men and Author of Seducing Strangers: How to Get People to Buy What You’re Selling

I've been an investment strategist and adviser for over 35 years, leading with a mission of unbiased advice to educate and protect listeners on my weekly radio show on NPR affiliates nationwide. I have been named a “Top 100 Wealth Advisor” by Worth Magazine and “Top Advisor” by Reuters.