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Episode 818

The Steve Pomeranz Show, Full Show

Steve’s Market Commentary

Can You Pass This Money Quiz?

Next Time, Give The Gift Card Of Stock Instead

With Avi Lele, CEO of Stockpile


Stock Market Bubble 2017: Is The Stock Market In A Bubble?

With Steve Pomeranz

What Do Bankruptcy And Your IRS Refund Have In Common?

With Terry Story, a 28-year veteran with Coldwell Banker located in Boca Raton, FL

People Say “Invest For The Long Term” But Just How Long Is That?

With Dr. Craig Israelsen, Designer of the 7TwelveⓇ Portfolio, Executive-in-Residence in the Financial Planning Program at Utah Valley University, contributor to Financial Planning magazine

I've been an investment strategist and adviser for over 35 years, leading with a mission of unbiased advice to educate and protect listeners on my weekly radio show on NPR affiliates nationwide. I have been named a “Top 100 Wealth Advisor” by Worth Magazine and “Top Advisor” by Reuters.