Thursday, March 4, 2021

Real Estate Round-up

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Terry Story, Buy Or Sell Home

Why It’s Vital To Understand Your Local Market Before You Buy...

Real estate agents need to understand the local market before they can effectively help clients buy or sell property. Here's how having an agent with a hyper-localized understanding of an area can help you.
Terry Story, Realtors vs Builders

Realtors Vs Builders: How Well Do They Really Work Together?

Here's how the relationships between builders and real estate agents can benefit you as a homebuyer.
Real Estate, Terry Story, Real Estate Trends

Mastering Real Estate’s Big Picture Will Help You Gain The Edge

Many factors affect the real estate market. Discover how negative interest rates, inverted yield curves, and recessions could impact the market.
Terry Story, Market Peak

Have Real Estate Prices Peaked?

Understanding the cyclical nature of the real estate market is crucial. Explore the factors that determine who the market belongs to!
Terry Story, Popular Home Styles

The Most Popular Home Styles Right Now: Part II

Everyone has an ideal home in mind. Discover the most popular styles for homes, living rooms, and more!
Terry Story, Popular Home Styles

The Most Popular Home Styles Right Now

Modern, Tudor, or Ranch? Here are the top styles of today and why your best move is buying a house right now.
Terry Story, Real Estate, New Homebuyers

The Challenge Continues For New Homebuyers

Buyers are frustrated with low inventories in a time of low-interest rates. Why can't they both just get along?
Terry Story, Real Estate Mistakes

What Millennials Have Learned From Watching Their Parents’ Real Estate Mistakes

Turns out your parents' mistakes may have helped after all. Here's how millennials are using them to their advantage.
Terry Story, Home Ready To Sell

The Importance of Properly Staging Your Home for Sale

You only get one chance to make a great first impression. Find out how and why to properly stage your home so you can sell it quickly.
Terry Story, Summer Vacation Rental Scam

How To Tell If Your Summer Vacation Rental Is A Scam

Tricksters and scam artists are using your summer vacation plans to their villainous advantage.  Learn how to be better protected!