Friday, July 12, 2024

Real Estate Round-up

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Terry Story, Housing Myths

Watch Out For Housing Myths That Can Lead You Astray

Don't let those old real estate myths destroy your beautiful life at home.

Is The Housing Market Going Soft?

Pending home sales are trending down. What does this say about the outlook for real estate in 2019? 
Terry Story, New Normal

The New Normal For Buying A Home

The COVID-19 pandemic has created “a new normal” for buying and selling real estate. Terry Story clues us in on the changes.
Terry Story, Hottest Places to Invest in Real Estate

The Hottest Places To Invest In Real Estate 

The real estate market is cyclical and full of trends. Read on to discover some of the hottest places to invest in real estate right now!
Terry Story, Luxury Condo

Today’s Luxury Real Estate Buyers Want A New Kind Of Country...

The latest luxury real estate market trend reveals a significant shift in what homebuyers are looking for. Basically, they’re looking to buy in a neighborhood that offers a "Vertical Country Club."
Terry Story, Annoying Neighbors

The Market, The Bubble, And The Annoying Neighbors

Terry Story talks about mortgage rates, why we're not in a housing bubble, and the rights of condo owners vis-a-vis their neighbors.
Terry Story, Right Asking Price For A Home

Here’s How To Find The Right Asking Price For Your Home

Terry chats about the Federal Reserve’s plans for interest rates, economic expansions, the challenge of finding the right asking price for a home, and predictions for 2019.
Real Estate, Terry Story, Real Estate Trends

Mastering Real Estate’s Big Picture Will Help You Gain The Edge

Many factors affect the real estate market. Discover how negative interest rates, inverted yield curves, and recessions could impact the market.
Terry Story, Popular Home Styles

The Most Popular Home Styles Right Now: Part II

Everyone has an ideal home in mind. Discover the most popular styles for homes, living rooms, and more!
Terry Story, Climate Change

Is Climate Change Affecting The Value Of Your Florida Home?

The impact of rising water levels on the housing market and the surprising finding that Florida taxes aren't as low as you think. (Hint: New Jersey may be cheaper.)