Saturday, January 23, 2021

Real Estate Round-up

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Terry Story, Government Shutdown Effect On Real Estate

The Government, The Shutdown, And Its Effect On Your Real Estate

Considerations of the government shutdown’s effects on real estate and why Texas could see the greatest number of people priced out of the market.
Terry Story, COVID -19, Real Estate

Learn How Covid-19 Is Changing The Way We Buy And Sell...

Learn how the coronavirus pandemic is continuing to impact the U.S. real estate market.
Real Estate, Terry Story, Real Estate Trends

Mastering Real Estate’s Big Picture Will Help You Gain The Edge

Many factors affect the real estate market. Discover how negative interest rates, inverted yield curves, and recessions could impact the market.
Terry Story, Future of Real Estate

The Future Of The Real Estate Industry

What’s the future of the real estate industry? Find out what a panel of experienced realtors see coming in the next decade.
Terry Story, Real Estate Mistakes

What Millennials Have Learned From Watching Their Parents’ Real Estate Mistakes

Turns out your parents' mistakes may have helped after all. Here's how millennials are using them to their advantage.
Terry Story, Million Dollar Home

Million Dollar Homes Are On The Rise, But Only In A...

Only 4% of all American homes are valued at above $1 million. But in a few select cities, million-dollar homes are the norm, not the exception.
Terry Story, Buy Or Sell Home

Why It’s Vital To Understand Your Local Market Before You Buy...

Real estate agents need to understand the local market before they can effectively help clients buy or sell property. Here's how having an agent with a hyper-localized understanding of an area can help you.
Terry Story, Home Improvement

You Need A Permit To Replace Your Sink? And Other Laws You’re Probably...

Nearly every part of owning and maintaining a home involves permits. Discover why open and expired permits cause serious headaches for homeowners and realtors.
Terry Story, Buying A New Construction Home

What You Need To Know Before Buying A New Construction Home

When it comes to shopping for homes, you’ll either be buying a home that’s been lived in or starting fresh with a new construction. Get the lowdown on buying a new construction home.
Terry Story, Luxury Condo

Today’s Luxury Real Estate Buyers Want A New Kind Of Country...

The latest luxury real estate market trend reveals a significant shift in what homebuyers are looking for. Basically, they’re looking to buy in a neighborhood that offers a "Vertical Country Club."