Sunday, January 16, 2022

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Terry Story, Right Asking Price For A Home

Here’s How To Find The Right Asking Price For Your Home

Terry chats about the Federal Reserve’s plans for interest rates, economic expansions, the challenge of finding the right asking price for a home, and predictions for 2019.
Terry Story, Properly Sell Your Property

From Condominiums To Luxury Homes: How To Properly Sell Your Property

Discover how to know the best times to buy and sell a home and why—especially with property in an estate—it’s so important to have a will!
Terry Story, Low Interest Rates, Home Prices

How Low Interest Rates Are Pushing Up Home Prices

Here’s why you should pay special attention to interest rates: the housing market is experiencing low inventories and bidding wars are going on for the leftovers.

Is The Housing Market Going Soft?

Pending home sales are trending down. What does this say about the outlook for real estate in 2019? 
Terry Story, Best Way To Sell Your Home

The Best Ways To Sell Your Home

In our regular catch-up with Terry Story, we examined the latest housing market conditions and congratulate Terry on her new teammate - her daughter, Danielle!
Terry Story, Real Estate Mistakes

What Millennials Have Learned From Watching Their Parents’ Real Estate Mistakes

Turns out your parents' mistakes may have helped after all. Here's how millennials are using them to their advantage.
Terry Story, Crazy Rich Asians, Chinese Home Buyers

Are Chinese Home Buyers Still Hot On U.S. Homes Or Are...

Have Trump's tariffs cooled Chinese home buyers' interest in U.S. homes? Or made them switch from buying flashy luxury real estate to less conspicuous homes?
Terry Story, Mortgage Fraud, Go To Jail

Mortgage Fraud Can Land You In Jail – So Be Truthful!

This week, Real Estate Round-up covers mortgage fraud, obligations to comply with new HOA rules, rising mortgage rates, and buyers’ rights to cancel a contract.
Terry Story, Real Estate, Steve Pomeranz

Steve Turns The Tables As Terry Interviews Him!!!

With Terry Story, a 31-year veteran with Keller Williams located in Boca Raton, FL For their final show together, Steve and Terry Story interviewed each...
Terry Story, Real Estate Acronyms

Get To Know These Important Real Estate Acronyms

There are a lot of terms to know and understand when it comes to real estate. Acronyms make learning these terms easier!