Monday, May 29, 2023

Real Estate Round-up

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Terry Story, Real Estate Acronyms

Get To Know These Important Real Estate Acronyms

There are a lot of terms to know and understand when it comes to real estate. Acronyms make learning these terms easier!
Terry Story, New Normal

How The Real Estate Industry Keeps Changing To Help You

The real estate industry is rapidly adjusting to the coronavirus by changing the way it does business.
Terry Story, Hottest Places to Invest in Real Estate

The Hottest Places To Invest In Real Estate 

The real estate market is cyclical and full of trends. Read on to discover some of the hottest places to invest in real estate right now!
Terry Story, Millennials Too Demanding, Buying Their First Home

Are Millennials Too Demanding When Buying Their First Home?

Plus: Why open floor plans are turning into a big mistake and here's what you can do if you have annoying neighbors. 
Terry Story, Real Estate, New Homebuyers

The Challenge Continues For New Homebuyers

Buyers are frustrated with low inventories in a time of low-interest rates. Why can't they both just get along?
Terry Story, Buying A New Construction Home

What You Need To Know Before Buying A New Construction Home

When it comes to shopping for homes, you’ll either be buying a home that’s been lived in or starting fresh with a new construction. Get the lowdown on buying a new construction home.
Terry Story, Popular Home Styles

The Most Popular Home Styles Right Now

Modern, Tudor, or Ranch? Here are the top styles of today and why your best move is buying a house right now.
Terry Story, Slow Home Sales, Sell Your Home

Tips To Quickly Sell Your Home In A Softening Housing Market

Census Bureau data points to a softening housing market. Learn how you should price your home for a quick sale before buyers lose interest in your property.
Terry Story, Housing Market, Strong Economy

Today’s Housing Market Indicates A Strong Economy

The economy is cyclical, with highs and lows. Get a better understanding of how the real estate industry is a good indicator for how the economy is doing and where it’s headed.
Terry Story, Sell Your House For Cash

Sell Your House For Cash Today—It’s All The Rage!

Terry Story explains the ins and outs of buying and selling houses for cash and reveals the surprising effects baby boomers (Ok, Boomer!) are having on today's housing market.