Saturday, April 17, 2021

Real Estate Round-up

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Terry Story, Popular Home Styles

The Most Popular Home Styles Right Now: Part II

Everyone has an ideal home in mind. Discover the most popular styles for homes, living rooms, and more!
Terry Story, Climate Change, Attitude, Home Value

How Climate Change Attitudes Affect Your Home’s Value

Climate change theories are driving down real estate prices in some markets and raising them in others. Plus, the latest lowdown on home prices and today's mortgage interest rates.
Terry Story, Corona, Quarantine

The New Rules Of Real Estate In The Time Of Quarantine

The real estate industry has its challenges, but new ways of getting it done are taking root.
Terry Story, Realtors vs Builders

Realtors Vs Builders: How Well Do They Really Work Together?

Here's how the relationships between builders and real estate agents can benefit you as a homebuyer.
Terry Story, Closing Tips

Closing Tip: Never Give Away Your Key Until You’re Sure You...

Home-selling veteran Terry Story offers thoughts on multiple bids and buyers moving in before the deal is sealed.
Terry Story, Buying A New Construction Home

What You Need To Know Before Buying A New Construction Home

When it comes to shopping for homes, you’ll either be buying a home that’s been lived in or starting fresh with a new construction. Get the lowdown on buying a new construction home.
Terry Story, Housing Myths

Watch Out For Housing Myths That Can Lead You Astray

Don't let those old real estate myths destroy your beautiful life at home.
Terry Story, Real Estate, Self Employed

Hallelujah! The Self-Employed Are Finally Gettin’ Some Respect From Lenders

With advanced technology leading the way, mortgages are finally going to be easy and more available for the self-employed.  And that's worth celebrating!
Terry Story, Tips for Buyers and Sellers

Real Estate Survival Tips For Buyers And Sellers

Get some real-life tips for both buyers and sellers on how to handle potential real estate problems.
Terry Story, Baltimore Hacked

The City of Baltimore Was Hacked, Shutting Down Its Real Estate...

Criminals are even using the internet to hack the real estate market. Find out how cyber attacks held up Baltimore’s real estate industry!