Saturday, December 10, 2022

Real Estate Round-up

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Terry Story, Flipping Homes

The Secret To Successfully Flipping Homes

The real estate market is cyclical and full of trends. Read on to discover some of the hottest places to invest in real estate right now!
Terry Story, Summer Vacation Rental Scam

How To Tell If Your Summer Vacation Rental Is A Scam

Tricksters and scam artists are using your summer vacation plans to their villainous advantage.  Learn how to be better protected!
Terry Story, State of the Market

The Buyer-Seller Paradox

If buyers have limited inventory to choose from and sellers become buyers after they sell, what is a homeowner supposed to do?
Terry Story, Real Estate Questions

Steve And Terry Tackle The Questions You Never Knew You Needed...

Get practical advice from Steve and Terry's "Real Estate Survival Guide" to get answers to some very important questions.
Terry Story, Fixer Upper

A Fixer Upper Home May Be Your Best Option In This...

A fixer upper home can be a great way to get a nice home in a good neighborhood. But before you jump in, here's what you need to know so you don't get burned.
Terry Story, Price Your Home

In This Downshifting Housing Market, Price Your Home Wisely

With more homes for sale, the housing market is downshifting to favor buyers. With more competition, heed Terry's tips on pricing your home for a quick sale.
Terry Story, 2019 Housing Forecast

2019 Housing Forecast For Home Prices, Mortgages, And More

Our 2019 housing forecast tells you what to expect with home prices, mortgage interest rates, and inventory in 2019, based on Fed actions and economic factors.
Terry Story, Sell Your House For Cash

Sell Your House For Cash Today—It’s All The Rage!

Terry Story explains the ins and outs of buying and selling houses for cash and reveals the surprising effects baby boomers (Ok, Boomer!) are having on today's housing market.
Terry Story, Corona, Quarantine

The New Rules Of Real Estate In The Time Of Quarantine

The real estate industry has its challenges, but new ways of getting it done are taking root.
Real Estate, Terry Story, Home Buying Market

Today’s Home Buying Market

Are you looking to buy a home? Discover why now might be the right time to buy!