Friday, February 23, 2024

Real Estate Round-up

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Terry Story, Climate Change

Is Climate Change Affecting The Value Of Your Florida Home?

The impact of rising water levels on the housing market and the surprising finding that Florida taxes aren't as low as you think. (Hint: New Jersey may be cheaper.)

Is The Housing Market Going Soft?

Pending home sales are trending down. What does this say about the outlook for real estate in 2019? 
Terry Story, New Normal

The New Normal For Buying A Home

The COVID-19 pandemic has created “a new normal” for buying and selling real estate. Terry Story clues us in on the changes.
Terry Story, Future of Real Estate

The Future Of The Real Estate Industry

What’s the future of the real estate industry? Find out what a panel of experienced realtors see coming in the next decade.
Terry Story, Real Estate, Home Projects to Recoup your Money

Get Your Money Back On These Top 10 Home Projects

Terry talks about remodeling, recouping your remodeling investment, and other (expensive) joys of home ownership.
Terry Story, Low Interest Rates, Home Prices

How Low Interest Rates Are Pushing Up Home Prices

Here’s why you should pay special attention to interest rates: the housing market is experiencing low inventories and bidding wars are going on for the leftovers.
Terry Story, Rising Sea Levels

Rising Sea Levels Wipeout $14.1 Billion In Property Value

The week’s big real estate news is that housing starts are up 9.2% and rising sea levels have sliced off $14.1 billion in home values in eight states.
Terry Story, Sell Your House For Cash

Sell Your House For Cash Today—It’s All The Rage!

Terry Story explains the ins and outs of buying and selling houses for cash and reveals the surprising effects baby boomers (Ok, Boomer!) are having on today's housing market.
Terry Story, Best Way To Price Your Home

Expert Tips On The Best Way To Price Your Home For...

Pricing your home for sale the right way can be the game changer you'll need to get ahead of the competition.
Terry Story, Real Estate, Sell Your Home

How To Sell Your Home In The Smartest Way

If you’re getting ready to sell your home, there are things you need to know and do. Find out what steps you should take before putting a price tag on your house!