Saturday, April 20, 2024

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Steve Pomeranz, Market Call, COVID-19

Steve’s Special Call-In Update About What’s Next 

Last week, I held a special call-in show to focus on the new world we find ourselves in, from changes in the economy to challenges in the stock market. So, I thought I would give a recap of my discussion in case you didn’t have a chance to dial in. 
William Handwerker, Nathan's Famous, Kevin Bacon, Vagabond Shoes

Nathan’s Famous Hotdog: The First 100 Years

Nathan’s Famous: The hot dog that inspired a movie. In These Vagabond Shoes, Kevin Bacon travels across NYC on a quest for the iconic Coney Island frankfurter.
Terry Story, Corona Housing

Housing In The Time Of Corona

Although we are seeing signs of lower prices in today's housing market, Terry explains why this will not become the housing crisis of 2007-2008!
Steve Pomeranz, Government Help, Corona

Retired? The Government Wants To Help You.

If you're retired, relief is coming your way. Help with taxes and cash flow—and your stocks too!
Katherine Collins, Nature of Investing

Nature Knows How To Survive. Studying That Can Make Us Better...

Biomimicry is a new concept which studies nature and uses those designs to solve human problems. So how does that apply to investing?
Julie Cottineau, Building Your Brand

Building Your Brand Will Be The New Priority. Here’s How To...

When things return to normal, you'll have to stand out even more. Learn how to break through, instead of blend.
Eric Weiner, Be A Genius

Can Genius Be Mass Produced?

Just as in the time of Leonardo Da Vinci, the rich soil nourishes the seed. The age and place in which you live is what excites the mind to genius.
Terry Story, CoronaVirus, Quarantine

The Housing Market In the Coronavirus Crisis

Get the lowdown on the state of the housing market as the country weathers the coronavirus crisis.
JJ Ramberg, Help Your Kids Become Successful Entrepreneurs

The Fun Way To Help Your Kids Become Successful Entrepreneurs

Thinking past Covid-19, we offer a wonderful interview from our archives. JJ Ramberg explains how to help your kids become successful entrepreneurs and give them "a leg up" in business & life.

Boston Globe’s Black Mass Journalist Tackles A Glaring Injustice In His New Novel, Trell

We're revisiting Dick Lehr's novel, Trell this week to give you something else to think about. It's a great book told by a master storyteller.