Sunday, January 16, 2022

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Sandra Block, Handle Your Personal Finances

Investments Just Get “Trashed”? It’s Time To Get A Handle On...

Find out how Kiplinger’s Personal Finance says you should manage personal finances (and your investments) to handle the Covid-19 crisis.
Charlie Javice, College Admissions, Scholarships

Finally, College Admissions and Scholarships Have Gone Digital! 

Are you looking to go to your favorite college but can't untangle the mess of Financial Aid? Here's how getting "Frank" will change your world. 
Eric Jay Dolin, Black Flags, Blue Waters, Notorious Pirates, Blackbeard

Black Flags, Blue Waters: How Piracy Has Shaped American History

America's historic role fighting piracy isn't totally innocent as Eric Dolin reminds us in his book, Black Flags, Blue Waters: The Epic History of America's Most Notorious Pirates.
John Reese, Invest Like A Legend

The Easy Way To Invest Like A Legend

John Reese, Founder of Validea, has created an ETF by using the strategies of legendary investors.
Rachel Sheedy, Year End Tax Moves

It’s Not Too Late! These Year-End Tax Moves Will Save You...

Act now before December 31st to lower your tax payment in 2020.
Gary Smith, The AI Delusion

The AI Delusion: Why Computers Will Never Enslave Humans

In The AI Delusion, author Gary Smith shows us why artificial intelligence will never outsmart the human brain. The real risk, according to Gary, is believing that it will.
Michael Offit, World Of Finance And Investment Banking

Insights Into The Often Dangerous World Of Finance And Investment Banking

Wall Street veteran and author, Mike Offit, offers an inside look at how investment banks operate and the danger they sometimes pose to investors.
Wayne Huizenga

Remembering Wayne Huizenga: An American All-Star Entrepreneur

With the ending of the show, Steve replays and reflects on his memorable 2005 interview with the great American entrepreneur.
Lisa Gerstner, Best Rewards Credit Cards

The Absolute Best Rewards Credit Cards Of 2019

Get the inside scoop on the best rewards cards from Lisa Gerstner, contributing editor at Kiplinger Personal Finance.
Eric Balchunas, ETFs bring you joy

Here’s How ETF’s Can Bring You Joy

Eric Balchunas talks at length about how ETFs work, why investors find them so attractive, and strategies investors can use when dealing with them.