Sunday, January 17, 2021

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Steve Pomeranz, Buy High Sell Low

Buy High, Sell Low: How To Free Yourself From The Madness

Buy high, sell low, repeat until broke. Why is following the crowd a dangerous strategy for stock market investors?
Terry Story, Great Time To Live In America

It’s A Great Time To Be Living In America: Enjoy It

The U.S. economy has been "good, good, good" for a very long time. Enjoy it now 'cause it's a great time to live in America.
Terry Story, Real Estate Changes In 2020

Real Estate Is Undergoing Important Changes in 2020: Here’s What It...

2020 may be a watershed year in the real estate market. Stay on top of the changes with Steve and Terry.

Looking To Sell Your Home? We’ve Got Good News!

Rising prices is good news for homeowners...but for home buyers, not so much.  
Terry Story, Corona, Quarantine

The New Rules Of Real Estate In The Time Of Quarantine

The real estate industry has its challenges, but new ways of getting it done are taking root.
Saudi Arabia, Largest IPO

Saudi Arabia Just Floated The Largest IPO In The History Of...

While the world is moving toward an era focused on clean energy, Saudi Arabia's state owned oil company, Aramco, is raking it in. Steve' commentary explains it all.
Natalie MacNeil, Achieve Your Dreams

How To Achieve Your Dreams And Take On The World

The importance of hard work, sticking to a plan, not giving up, and being persistent is the formula to achieve your dreams.
Terry Story, Best Way To Price Your Home

Expert Tips On The Best Way To Price Your Home For...

Pricing your home for sale the right way can be the game changer you'll need to get ahead of the competition.
Terry Story, Popular Home Styles

The Most Popular Home Styles Right Now: Part II

Everyone has an ideal home in mind. Discover the most popular styles for homes, living rooms, and more!
Steve Pomeranz, Warren Buffett

What’s Eating Warren Buffett?

During the 2008 crisis, he was all over the airwaves touting a "Buy America" mantra.  Today, however, he’s silent. This is what I found out.