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My Concepts of Risk and Return

Figuring out how much investment risk and return you can expect is a tricky equation. I’ve gotten that question so many times in my 30 plus years, I decided to include it here.
Five Investment Strategies You Haven't Thought About

Investing Strategies You Might Have Never Thought About

Be More Aggressive When You’re Young - Keeping things simple when you invest is always a good idea. Stay focused on the long-term is also another good strategy. And keep money invested in stocks to hedge inflation.
My Insights on Mutual Funds and Their Fees

My Insights on Mutual Funds & Their Fees

There are thousands of mutual funds and one of the best things to key-in on is to take a closer look at the fund expense, and the fund expense ratio.
Why Everyone Should Own Bonds

Why Everyone Should Own Bonds

1. Pricing - The challenge of bond investing is aggravated by the fact that unlike stocks, there’s really no easy way to check daily prices of individual bonds.

Last Minute Retirement Planning

If you’re fifty-something and under-funded, it’s time for bold action. Here are some simple tips on how to catch up with last minute retirement planning.
Tips for planning your financial future

5 Steps For Planning Your Financial Future

The first step to planning your financial future it to know your net worth.
5 Things You'll Never Hear About Your Health Coverage

5 Things You’ll Never Hear About Your Health Coverage

1. Don't expect your health coverage to pay what you think.
Steve's Market Commentary

12 Tips for Investment Success in 2015

Buffett’s Top Tips for Investment Success A website I came across – – profiled 12 personal finance experts in December 2014 for their insights...
Paying Off Holiday Expenses

Finance 101: Paying Off Your Holiday Expenses

Do you hear that ? That’s the sound of time running out! Here's how to keep those holiday expenses from being quite so bad.
5 steps to better credit

5 Steps to Better Credit

You’ve got to have credit to get better credit. So where do you start? With step one in my five-step guide to building a strong credit record.