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A Recession Is Inevitable

Now or later, we know one thing for certain, a recession will show up on our doorstep. Just like preparing for a hurricane, planning early is the key.  We’ll show you the tools you’ll need to make the best decisions to protect you and your loved ones: Boost your return on savings. Reduce taxes. Secure a steadily rising income. ...

Pastries On The Beach In Pompano

A Casual Meet & Greet With Steve Summer has definitely arrived, so I've decided it would be fun to have an event a bit more suited to the lazy days of summer. We're calling it “Pastries On The Beach In Pompano”, where we'll meet and greet at the lovely Marriott Pompano Beach Resort and Spa. This will give you a chance to...

New Challenges, New Strategies for 2019

Recent market volatility continues to create much cause for concern as new challenges present themselves in this 21st Century market. Strategies for this uncertain world is exactly what this event is all about.

What’s Ahead For 2019’s Stormy Market

We are living in turbulent times. Not only is the daily news drumbeat enough to make your head spin, but recent market volatility has brought the level of uneasiness to new highs. Due to popular demand, Steve will be holding a second live event and informative get-together where he will address these issues and more. Is This The End Of...

Surviving 2019’s Turbulent Market

We are living in turbulent times. The daily drumbeat of news and opinion is enough to make your head spin. Add the real ups and downs of stock markets into which we have entrusted our savings and it adds to the uneasiness. Join Steve for his informative get-together where he will expressly address these issues.

Protecting Your Wealth In Uncertain Times

Navigating retirement can be difficult. With today’s heightened uncertainty, many of us are worrying about having enough money, taking care of our loved ones, and living our one best financial life.    Whether you’re getting ready to retire or already in retirement, Steve’s got the info to help you live your one best retirement life. Steve's Live Event Topics Will Include: 5 Gremlins...

What To Know To Be Retirement Savvy

Want to become truly retirement savvy? Join Steve at his latest seminar

Be Ready When The Bull Market Ends

Join us Tuesday, December 12th at 10am in the Mediterranean Room at the beautiful Acqualina Resort. To ensure an intimate, conversational setting, seating will be limited, and advanced registration required.

An Intimate Roundtable On Your Wealth and Retirement

Join Steve in the boardroom at the award-winning Acqualina Resort as he takes the time to understand what your money truly means to you, so you can get back to sleeping well, knowing that you’ve figured out how to live your one best financial life.

Your Quality Of Life Financial Seminar

At his Roundtable event, Steve will show you how to make the right financial decisions and learn the specific factors that are important to living the life you want.

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